Saturday, July 25, 2015


Haven't updated this in quite a while. Bout time!

In the last couple years, I went ahead and built a couple batches of both the Hollow Earth tremolo and Anti-nautilus granular audio destroyer. Not as much as I had hoped, but that's a couple dozen more out in the world, and that's better than none at all!

Unfortunately, in unfun ways, sometimes life gets in the way of being productive, so I had to put batches aside for a while while focusing on real job/other things.

Lately though, I've been building new designs again (first since 2012)! Dabbling in the modular synth world (a sequencer pictured below) and two new pedals.

The one I'm most excited about, a 14-second delay/looper, pictured below. Also, there is a video:

Less interesting is this 3-in-1 dirt, here pictured:

So what does the future hold? Summing the energy to build a couple more batches of the anti-nautilus for one. Then looking ahead to building a few of that delay above (who still needs kinks ironed out). Also, a refresh of the hollow earth. Something simpler, maybe with a few less features, but with far less menu-diving.

Currently on the bench, experimenting with codec chips, meaning high-ish fi audio processing potentially. And more DSP. A simple looper, and bitrman killer.


Unknown said...

You really make some interesting stuff! Sure wish I coulda met you when I lived in Montreal. If you ever need help building and testing prototypes, let me know!

Keep it up!

Sarah Edward said...

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CPB said...

Are you selling any of these excellent pedals? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If you could message me with any hints & tips on how you made your blog look this cool, I would be appreciative!
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Art said...

A year ago or so, i was looking for granular synthesis pedals for guitar but the ones i found didn't really seemed interesting enough, then i found your blog and i was impressed!, specially with the Anti-nautilus (the kind i'm looking for a expanded experimental guitar project i'm working on), i swear that nite i even dreamt about having your pedal and all the crazy glitches i was creating with it, hehe, i wish some day i can afford one (in the hypotetical case that you were willing to sell me one first of course!), anyways great work, greetings from Mexico city, you can check some of my music here if you want:

Unknown said...

Excellent stuff!
I search Anti-Nautilus, where I can find one please?
you can contact me on fitn[AT]

bre pettis said...

This is years old, but I'm going down the rabbit hole of making effects pedals and yours are the coolest I've seen. Let me know if you ever have any for sale. Would also buy a pcb board if you have any laying around and make one up myself.