Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 bitcrushers for sale *SOLD*

as of now.

$150 US
tracked and insured shipping is around $15 to north america. contact me if elsewhere.

Check the blog post down below. Some samples are there. has samplerate reduction, bitcrushing on an 8-position knob, wet/dry blend and volume. good for lo-fi effects, nintendo/atari sounds, weird digital fuzz, glitches, etc. great on synths and drum machines too! does a good job killing fidelity! when turning up the volume and harshness, with the wet/dry knob all the way "dry", it's not totally dry. more like 96% dry. uses 9v DC standard boss-like adapter. not included. Meant as a non-subtle effect but subtle can sort of be dialed in. Full refund if you dont like it (assuming it's in okay condition, and minus shipping). will try and ship before monday.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moth bitcrusher sale

I'll have three bitcrushers for sale in a few days.

two samples. both tentatively co-titled the-art-of-dicking-around. I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never been good at recording dirt-only stuff, at least without some kind of backing.

they'll officially go on sale sometime on saturday for $150 US each, but only as of when I update this blog on that day saying so. so please no emails ahead of time. when the time comes, you can reach me at:

eblythe (aaaat) mochamail (dooooot) com