Monday, November 30, 2009


vibrato I built for someone. design similar to the one I made months ago (down the blog) with some improvments/bugfixes.

and yes, still making Hollow Earths. it's just taking time to get through thel ist is all. and yes as of 2010 they will be $275 instead of $200. I underestimated the cost in time and materials when I initially started making them. sorry about that. people on the list have already been informed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eight Bit Organism

here's a lame-ass demo. I'm playing a discarded umbrella into a TV that's on fire.

It's a bunch of stuff. A bitcrusher, samplerate reducer, a granular sampler/repeater/glitcher, a harsh digital fuzz and noise source. Controls are as follows (left to right):

[B]bitdepth[/B]: bitcrush from 8 to 1 bit. things get noisy and ugly and awesome!
[B]samplerate[/B]: rate reduction, atari/nintendo-ish sounds, etc
[B]tone[/B]: just a big muff tonestack. middle is neutral. right is high boost, left is low boost.
[B]blend[/B]: wet-dry blend
[B]volume[/B]: makes the pedal vomit kittens

[B]grain size[/B]: sample size of the granular sampling buffer.
[B]grain mod[/B]: modulates the grain sample up or down in pitch
[B]glitch 1 and glitch 2[/B]: makes it stutter in different ways. the toggle switch at the top makes the soft-stomp on the right active one or the other of the buttons.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Digital garbage

Today I worked on cheap granular synthesis, bitcrushing and samplerate reduction, all at once. It sounds like the world caving in!