Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sonic Crayon Moth + Hollow Earth plans


Things have been lagging due mostly to demotivation re: the hollow earth. That sucker is tough to build, I mean really tough. it's definatelly not dead, though, and as a way to help kick-start things back up again, I'm selling off a batch of bitcrushers/samplerate reducers with wet/dry blend control. it's an easy build I'll have no trouble building a dozen of, and at the same time it'll help refinance the whole hollow earth gig.

So here's the bitcrusher, called the Moth and does 1-8 bit crushing and samplerate reduction. there's wet/dry blending and volume as well. the graphic will change a little. here's a bad clip. I'll do a youtube once things are orginized.

there will be no reservation list for this one. in a bunch of weeks I'll just announce a day they go on sale and that'll be that. $150 a pop.

in semi related news, the kind folk at Audio Effekte have written a kind word on this project of mine, as well as about montreal assembly!

read it here

You should check out Scott's stuff (at mtl assembly). he makes rad effects too and his bitcrushers are way more versatile than mine! face-melting boxes galore!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


..I'm thinking of doing a small run (10) of simple samplerate reduction pedals to try and kick things back up again. Two knobs (blend and samplerate), simple circuit, etc. 10x easier than the hollow earth and would help fund/re-enthusiate an eventual hollow earth reincarnation.