Sunday, October 14, 2012

here it comes!

this will help, as well


Unknown said...

How can I buy this??

The Circuit Molester said...

I'll take one!

the sad billionaire said...

Could I buy one?

Kato said...

don't tease me bro!

Anonymous said...

Any updates on this? No e-mails received so far.

Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, just awesome builds. Really inspirational!

Can I ask about your enclosures. I have never seen that kind of finish in pedals. Do you just pour the epoxy on the otherwise decorated enclosure? Do you use polyester epoxy, because the finish seems really transparent.

I would like to try that some time, seems like a nice way to get a "pro look" for occasional one-offs.

Andrea said...

I really love your work.
Could you contact me in private for building a pedal.
I really need your help.

Thank you for your attention

Unknown said...

I'm also really inspired by this. I'm currently an electrical engineering student who has dabbled with projects involving basic microcontroller programming and basic analog circuits. Do you happen to have any suggestions of first projects/reading-material that I can take up in pursuit of making projects like the ones on this site a hobby?