Saturday, March 19, 2011

led matrix visual feedback

clicky encoders are annoying. ordered some non-clicky ones.

with the push-for-secondary-function knobs and the display now offering an expressive level of visual feedback, I've been able to simplify the next hollow earth pedal to just 4 push-knobs and one toggle at the back of the enclosure!

this was a huge priority because it means I can PCB mount everything on a single board this time!


marcus Fischer said...


really can't wait!

cloudscapes said...

A very productive weekend!

I got rudimentary shaping done, as well as linear interpolation mostly working, depth control, speed control AND tap tempo (by tapping down on the speed knob).

A user will be able to blend in randomness in varying degrees (all the way to full 100% random) by pushing down the depth knob and turning that. In fact all knobs will have dual functions. Keeps the pedal less cluttered this way.