Sunday, March 27, 2011

1165 lines of code..

..though a bunch of it was copy pasted. I figure I'm about 95% done the new hollow earth, at least programming-wise. Hardware-wise, an AVR dev board, a few rotary encoders, a trimpot, an led and a 5x7 led matrix is all I've been staring at these past few weeks.

Four knobs is probably all you'll need! They're all multi-function. Turn for one thing, hold down and turn for another, tap for another, etc.

A bit of tech info. I'm using an atmega644 uC. It's got 64KB program memory but so far I'm using only 17% of it. I needed the 2KB of eeprom it offered for preset storage. When recording custom LFO shapes, it samples at 10 a second for up to 18 seconds. And then it's interpolated times 20 to smooth it out. Speed is full adjustable while recording and after, obviously. 10sps is plenty for slow human hands, but I'll offer the user to fine tune this in a sort of "preferences" mode.

Let's see, checklist. What's done, and to-do..

-expressive display
-hook up PWM output (with freq doubling)
-do custom LFO record/playback
-x20 interpolation!
-speed control
-depth control
-random blend
-preset saving/loading
-square/triangle/ramp/sine/saw hard preset LFOs

-shape edit
-trigger mode
-multimode tap footswitch

-LDR biasing
-power filtering
-clean tl074 buffer
-CV out
-polarity protection

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nych said...

E you are so crazy, how do you get through all of this

every effect you make is super rad