Saturday, April 3, 2010


..I'm thinking of doing a small run (10) of simple samplerate reduction pedals to try and kick things back up again. Two knobs (blend and samplerate), simple circuit, etc. 10x easier than the hollow earth and would help fund/re-enthusiate an eventual hollow earth reincarnation.



GlutN said...

If you decide to do this, you can put me down for one for sure. I missed out on the Hollow Earth and am still kicking myself. You make some great sounding creations.

Anonymous said...

I'd just come here to see whether you're gonna be doing a run of it after i saw you post it in a thread somewhere.

I'd get one instantaneously, for sure.

Tom Adams said...

yup im with GlutN, be sure to keep us updated!


Unknown said...

yup, stay tuned. there will be 10-12 of these bitcrushers available sometime in june.

here's a pic