Monday, January 26, 2009

samplerate reducer 99% finished!

still not named as of yet

sound/video clips maybe tomorrow if I find my camera (the one that does video). still needs a bit of tweaking. LPF resonance can get loud at times so I'm gonna hook up clipping diodes. resonance pot is also wired backwards, and I want to paint lines o nthe knobs!


Unknown said...

I would so kill for the schematic to this guy

Anonymous said...

getting hard to find those ad781s. Is there another ic that can be used?

cloudscapes said...

have you tried ?
there are a few sources
I dont know of a suitable alternative

frances said...

just saw the demo on youtube, how did you get the stomp-box "decorated" like this? is it 100% DIY?
there are some nice sounds here! i would love to get these schematics and try one at home myself!

alancka said...

ok, so i went through your blog, and i realized you're not just someone who likes DIY for fun, you seem to have rather advanced skills! and i saw you're selling some of your products so i won't be finding the schematics of your effects... since you designed them!
so, i still have a question, where did you find out how to design a bit crusher? i've been looking for information about digital effects and it's hard to figure out how to proceed
if you have any information or advice, i'd be glad to hear about it!!

Kryštof said...

Hi, if i want to buy it. Where can i? Can you send it? Thank you very much!