Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Unknown said...

Hi there :D
I've been trying to do the BugCrusher
for a while, but I can't figure out the schematics I found for it on the
'net. Do you have a better one for
If you don't mind showing me I'd be

Cheers from Iceland
Arni Geir

cloudscapes said...

Hey there!
which bugcrusher schematic have you been looking at exactly (there are a couple different ones). maybe I can help you with them, since the schematic for this pedal here is quite a bit more complex.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

well one of the schematics I found was
the one from "The Squarewave Parade".
It's a Perfboard layout and it kind
of bothers me, cause I can't figure
it out... I'm just so used to work
with vero boards, or strip boards.
It has taken me quite a while figuring
this thing out even though it
looks really simple :P...

Then I found another one from somewhere.
Can't find it again.
Do you know of any
other layouts? Maybe a Stripboard

thanks for the help! :)
Arni Geir

Unknown said...


I came across your site while searching for SRR/Bit Crushing guitar pedals and was wondering if you would be willing to make another one to sell?

Thank You,

Unknown said...

well, i finally got it together. But I did not have the 22pF so I put a
10µF instead. I tried it out and it
doesn't alter the sound at all.
Is it because the 10µF? or do you
have to do something more than is
shown on the Schematic?
(i'm sorry i'm posting this here, I
(for one reason or another) can't
join Experimentalist anonymous chat

Thanks for the help!
Arni Geir