Thursday, March 29, 2012

Been busy!

In a couple senses of the term. Not too many updates last year because of a lot of personal stuff. But I have been busy! Especially in the last couple months!

The Hollow Earth

The new version I mean. It's already been posted about (scroll down). I still don't have a video about it, and it's still not ready for release. There's been *one* problem that's keeping it from being accessible. It's a power issue. In some cases, on some amps/guitar/power combinations, it's extremely noisy. I think it's some sort of ground loop or "virtual ground" problem. It's fine and perfect in many situations, but unusable in others. I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to the physics bhind electronics, grounding issues and whatnot, and this seems to be exactly the problem. The physics of it. Thats why it's taking so long (again). I've gone through about 4 revised PCB prototypes so far, still no dice.

On my own amps, on my own guitars and own power supplies, in the electricity in my home, I have no problems whatsoever. It's been so hard figuring this out. What a headache this design has been!


This is a refresh of that vibrato I made! General improvements, including a wet/dry blend for pseudo-chorus, and a blendable crackle/noise/scratch sim (like vinyl). I'm building 10 of these. Unsure whether I should leave the noise blend in or not.

Here's a video:
I'm kind of terribad at pedal video demos. The second half is better. That's because I let an ebow do all the work.


I think just watching the prototype video will say everything:


Dave O Mahony said...

Oh my!!!

Seeing Compound as a pcb & pedal REALLY raises my hopes!!!

eric! said...

I must have a Compound.