Saturday, September 26, 2009

fun with graphic LCDs!

Got this graphic LCD from MC Shop, the DX-160. Wedged it inside a bare-bones Hollow Earth with a basic UI to see the potential!

Maybe I'll build a simple synth/drone box with manually drawable waveforms too.

I'm also clocking the AVR chip a lot fastern ow, 20MHz. I could get it to update the screen a lot faster, but I don't want it to drain juice needed for other stuff.


Unknown said...

woa, I want one of the droneboxes then! :)

Colin Anderer said...

I want a drone box if you go ahead with it! anderer/formerly thefragile103 @ HCFX.

Unknown said...

still interetsted :) blue_lu at haunting mids

Urbanspaceman said...

I just bought an Arduino nano and a 128x64 LCD screen, do not know when I have time to do the tests, I have never programmed pic .. I do not know anything about programming (I know only HTML and PHP) I hope to do something nice.

I hope to learn something from your site, congratulations for the job.