Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hollow Earth waveshaper

You know that feature the Goatkeeper has? Waveshaping? "design" your own LFO and then use that as a trem? Yeah, that. But a bit more!

Hold down the "record" pushbutton, "draw" out an LFO/envilope shape with the "shape" knob (it can be several seconds long), and release the button for it to start looping the shape and modulate the volume of whatever instrument you have plugged through it. AKA "tremolo". Push button again to design a new one. [U]Or[/U]! Or toggle "punch-in" switch to edit the existing shape with whatever you feel! "smotheness" knob makes it smooth if the waveshape sampling feels a bit too steppy/aliased. It happens if you sample at a very slow tempo and keep it very slow. "speed" accelerates or decelerates the LFO. I forget what "volume" does.

Two LEDs on either side of the bypass switch (under the decals/finish). The one on the right follows your wave "drawing" as well as when it's looping. "firmware upgradeable"

Video sample tomorrow.


Diego said...

so about that video demo with delay?

-Double D

cloudscapes said...

sadly not for a long while. I lent the pedal to a friend who is gonna be using it for am onth. I'm really bad at remembering these things.

Unknown said...

this looks wicked. do you think you could share the source code for the PIC?

cloudscapes said...

hi lucas
here's the source code in BASIC, it was coded in bascom
I'm not at all familiar with PIC, but if it's also basic, it shouldn't be very hard for you to reinterpret and modify.
"Pwm0a" is the PWM output I use to modulate a vactrol, which is what the sound goes through.

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