Monday, July 20, 2009

Hollow Earth batch next Saturday

Just a heads up! I'll be selling four of these next saturday
(25th of july) starting noon eastern-time. As of that time,
I'll pick the first four emails who tell me they are able
to pay right away. Please don't send me money untill I've
confirmed you're one of the four. Payment will be paypal
and is the sum of $200 US, not including shipping. I'll ship
via regular mail (like USPS) from Canada. No Fedex or UPS, they're
problematic for me.

If there are any questions before then I'll do my best to
answer them! I'll also try and put up a page sometime this week
with more details. If you miss out on this batch, don't worry!
I'll definatelly be making more every month, and hopefully more
than just four at a time as well.

12:00 PM on saturday the 25th, send me an email stating you'll buy
one right away!

I think for the next batch, I'll get the boxes predrilled and powdercoated.


Anonymous said...

What if I get my email at 11:59? : )

cloudscapes said...

a couple minutes early is fine :p

Anonymous said...

Now everyone is going to send them at 11:59 haha...