Sunday, January 4, 2009

Turmoil 2 proto

It's aliiive!

Blend control isn't working for some reason, but otherwise it's working. Doesn't seem to like onespot power supplies though! At all! Works fine with my Diago though. onespot sucks!

Clips when I get blend working.


Player 2 said...

That is an incredible looking piece of kit. When are these gonna be ready? and will you ship to Ireland?

cloudscapes said...

hey man
I'll ship pretty much anywhere through regular post. as for availability, I'm hoping to have a couple in a month. more realistically march.

Player 2 said...

Thats great. Have you set a price yet? Put me down for one anyway. Also, if you get around to doing a batch of that feedback looper, id take one too. Again, great work youre doing.